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The Word
Posted November 4, 2013 at 6:22 PM

"We recognize that all our mothers bear is us to pain and to dying. And what is that but our very Mother Jesus?" - A Book of Showings 60:2492-2493

Hello there!  Welcome to The Gospel of Carol.  This was originally a black and white comic book series.  I've been reformatting it into comic strips, my first artistic calling in life, because I think it reads better this way.  I'm also coloring it for the first time, among other surprises!  So this isn't just the comic book in strip form, it's a whole new thing.

Carol is drawn largely from the New Testament gospels and from a whole mess of apocryphal sources.  I'll try to note these sources where relevant.  I find Biblical literature absolutely fascinating, and drawing comics with stupid jokes is how I explore these obsessions in more detail.

It should be noted that the character of Carol originated as "She-Jesus" in my English Literature gag strip Lit Brick, from years ago.  Her appearances there are largely in a different form and of dubious canonicity, but feel free to explore that comic if you just really like English Literature and/or Pat Benatar.

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